Practice Schedule

Practice begins Tuesday, Nov. 6

Practice is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, Nov. 6 up in the RBCHS wrestling room.  As of now, practice will start at  6pm for ALL AGE GROUPS.  As we see our numbers this season, we can adjust practice times by age group if needed.  Until then, practice will be from 6pm - 7:30pm.   Practice attire includes comfortable shorts, t-shirt, socks, wrestling shoes (outside shoes not permitted in the wrestling room), headgear and mouthguard.  The club does have some wrestling shoes that can be checked out and borrowed if you are a new wrestler and would like to "try before you buy."  :)   A mouthguard is not required, but we highly encourage it.  The "boil and bite" ones that you can get at Walmart or Dick's is perfectly sufficient and fairly inexpensive.  Please also make sure your wrestler brings a water bottle to practice.